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is according to § 143 paragraph 1 and § 148 of Act No. 561/2004 Collection of Law, on Pre-school, Basic, Secondary, Tertiary Professional and Other Education (the Education Act), as amended, registered as kindergarten, ref. num. S-PCH 970277/2011
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Useful advices for parents

Initiate conversations with your children and read to them as often as possible, ideally short stories and tales. Motivate your children to pay attention to the world around them and to be able to describe it. Be patient when you interact with your children and give them answers to any questions they may have – this will help develop their thinking.

Do not necessarily teach your children information which they will be taught at school at a later stage. Kids whose parents pay good attention to their upbringing tend to do well at school and often do not even realize the difference between play time and school work. However, if your children show interest in learning letters and numbers themselves, do help them learn.

Lead your children to being independent. Let them try to dress themselves and put their shoes on without your help, to tie their shoe laces, button up their blouses and shirts, eat properly, wash their hands, blow their noses. In a clean and well organized environment your children will adopt correct behavioral patterns easily. Clean and tidy clothing will give your children self esteem which in turn may help them be successful at school later on.

Try to slowly substitute afternoon naps with after-lunch quiet regime. Put your children to bed early enough for them to get used to getting up before 7am. Encourage a sense of responsibility in your children and let them help you with simple tasks they show interest in. Do not get angry or upset if your children take a long time to finish a task or if they are clumsy. It is by trying again and again that your child will manage to perform given tasks to perfection.

Teach your children to show respect to others around them, adults as well as other children. Tolerance, communication skills and the ability to compromise will make it easier for your children to integrate in their new group of peers.


What's new in kindergarten:

The spectacular spring night sleep is finally here! The children prepared a varied program, games, production, dance. But the most popular part is the movie with popcorn :-). On Saturday morning they will go to the forest and play a few games outside. A night's sleep is a popular event in kindergarten.
In beautiful sunny weather we try to spend as much time as possible outside with the children, in the afternoon we stay in the garden until all the children go home. At the sports club, children sometimes go on trips on bicycles or scooters and we go for walks in the surroundings. Everyone is feel good immediately better in the sun outside.
„Getting know the threes,“ was the plan for Friday morning. Lecturers from the Forests of Prague picked up children and teachers from the kindergarten and went to explore the Devil's Forest, where the children had a varied program, gained a lot of new information – forest protection, tree species, how trees grow, animals in the forest, and played fun games. Everyone created a picture of a tree, which they supplemented with a real leaf. Great experience.

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