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is according to § 143 paragraph 1 and § 148 of Act No. 561/2004 Collection of Law, on Pre-school, Basic, Secondary, Tertiary Professional and Other Education (the Education Act), as amended, registered as kindergarten, ref. num. S-PCH 970277/2011
Price list

Price list

The tuition fee is paid monthly.


Kindergarten is bilingual – chidren are speaking with the teacher bilingual English/Czech
7.00–18.00 (full-day program)
5 times a week 12 100 CZK
4 times a week 10 560 CZK
3 times a week 8 580 CZK
Catering 110 CZK per day: 2× snack, lunch, beverages, fruits/vegetables
8.00–15.00 (7 hours)
5 times a week 8 400 CZK
4 times a week 7 580 CZK
3 times a week 6 590 CZK

Catering 110 CZK per day: 2× snack, lunch, beverages, fruits/vegetables

7.00–12.30 (5.5 hours)
5 times a week 7 700 CZK
4 times a week 7 040 CZK
3 times a week 5 940 CZK
Catering 95 CZK per day: 1× snack, lunch, beverages, fruits/vegetables



Half-year fee 8% discount
One calendar year fee 12% discount
A 10% discount may be offered to families with two or more children enrolled to the kindergarten.
*Only one discount can be aplicated!


Other payments
Rental kindergarten spaces for celebrations 1000 CZK / hour
for every started hour
If child will be picked up after the agreed time(18 h, 15 h, 12:30 h) 250 CZK / hour
for every started hour
If it is necessary that the child came before 7.00 (must agree in advance) 250 CZK / hour
for every started hour
An assurance amounting (returns after proper termination of contract) 2 000 CZK
Registration fee 1 000 CZK

The price list is valid from November 1, 2019


What's new in kindergarten:

The spectacular spring night sleep is finally here! The children prepared a varied program, games, production, dance. But the most popular part is the movie with popcorn :-). On Saturday morning they will go to the forest and play a few games outside. A night's sleep is a popular event in kindergarten.
In beautiful sunny weather we try to spend as much time as possible outside with the children, in the afternoon we stay in the garden until all the children go home. At the sports club, children sometimes go on trips on bicycles or scooters and we go for walks in the surroundings. Everyone is feel good immediately better in the sun outside.
„Getting know the threes,“ was the plan for Friday morning. Lecturers from the Forests of Prague picked up children and teachers from the kindergarten and went to explore the Devil's Forest, where the children had a varied program, gained a lot of new information – forest protection, tree species, how trees grow, animals in the forest, and played fun games. Everyone created a picture of a tree, which they supplemented with a real leaf. Great experience.

Are you interested in franchising of kindergarten?

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The partnership allows significantly reduce business risks, safer and faster market entry, allows you to spend less initial cost, the acquisition of know-how and extensive input support.