FAQ about the return of children to school 4/12/2021

Based on information from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT), we would like to give you answers to some important questions you are asking us. These questions and answers are processed according to the information provided to us at present and therefore reflect the current conditions set for us by the Ministry.

Who is allowed to return to school or kindergarten from 12.4.2021?

According to the order of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, all pupils in the 1st grade may return to our Royal Elementary School from 12 April 2021.

Only preschoolers, ie pupils from the Blue Crowns class, can attend the Royal Kindergarten.

Will The Royal Elementary School use rotating scheme of teaching?

NO, our elementary school is not affected by the rotation method, because we do not have more than 75 pupils and there are no more than 15 pupils in one group.

Is it possible to test yourself at home and bring only a solemn declaration?

NO, this is not accepted by the Ministry of Education.

Which students do not need to be tested?

Testing at school does not apply to several groups of pupils.

  1. Pupils who have a laboratory (official test) proven COVID infection have undergone quarantine and are already considered healthy. This is valid for 3 months from the identification of the disease.
  2. Pupils who have completed the COVID vaccination have a Vaccination Certificate and at least 14 days have passed since the end of the vaccination.
  3. Pupils who prove a negative result of a test for COVID, which was performed by the founder of health services and which is not older than 48 hours.

What happens to my child's test result information?

Test results are stored, as well as other data about your child, in the school system (the date and result of the test are stored – positive / negative). This data is subject to the same rules as your child’s other data and is also treated in the same way, ie the data is only for school attendance, not provided to third parties with exceptions provided by law, eg it can be used to provide information to the Hygiene Station.

The school is also obliged to report the number of tests performed to Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic (UZIS). This is done using a secure form on the UZIS website. The type of test, the number of total tests, the number of positive tests, the number of negative tests and the number of tests with an unclear result are recorded.

What happens if the antigen test at school is positive?

If the Ag-test in the school is positive, the student will not be able to attend full-time teaching.

The pupil must be isolated from the rest of the children’s group, ie he / she will wait for his / her legal representative in the room designated for this purpose. This student will have to undergo a control examination for COVID using the PCR method. The school will issue a certificate of a positive AG test to the parents, the parent will ask for a PCR test from a general practitioner for children and young people with whom the child is registered, and order a PCR test via the portal https://testovani.uzis.cz.

The school is also obliged to inform the Hygiene Station about the positive test and to report to it the persons who came into contact with the positively tested person in the last 2 days.

What about covering your mouth and nose in school and kindergarten?

Pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff are obliged to wear a respirator in the kindergarten, children in the kindergarten are NOT obliged to wear a protective device to cover their mouth and nose.

In primary school, pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff are obliged to wear a respirator, pupils (including the preparatory class) ARE OBLIGATED to wear at least a surgical mask.


What will be the regime for testing children, pupils and students?

In schools and kindergartens, students will be tested twice a week with non-invasive antigen tests. The tests will take place regularly on Mondays and Thursdays before school only, so that the infection is detected in the classroom as soon as possible and the whole class can be addressed as a focus, where everyone is sent home and indicated for a more further test. Participation in testing will be a condition for the presence of a child, pupil or student in full-time teaching at school.

The self-test is performed by the pupil or student himself, under the supervision of a school employee authorized for this by the school principal. However, for children in kindergartens, younger primary school pupils and pupils with disabilities, the participation of a legal representative in testing will be allowed.

Is it possible to obtain complete information on the opening of schools from 12.4.2021?



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