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Our philosohy

Filozofie Královské mateřské školy

Our programme includes the most effective and innovative teaching methods practised in a creative, friendly and captivating environment. Our goal is to improve children´s knowledge of their native language (Czech or English) and at the same time let them get accustomed with second language (Czech or English). We teach children to put things into perspective, understand everyday situations and be able to deal with them.

At the same time, however, we encourage their desire to dream, learn, create, develop their independence and individuality. We try to identify what fascinates and entertains children, and convert this knowledge into teaching in order to let them „learn through play“. We promote physical development of children by offering a wide choice of activities and plenty of exercise both indoors and outdoors. We pass on to children the principles of teamwork and fair play.

Aware of the responsibility we have we do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Our wish is to enjoy the kindergarten children and have nice memories for their childhood. That is why we try to create conditions for education and training in such a way that their stay outside the family is pleasant and beneficial for them.

We wish all the smooth course of the whole school year, happy and merry children.