Summer 2020 – schedule

Akreditace školky MŠMT

Kindergarten program for the summer months of 2020.

Summer camps are 5 days (except for the first week) and are designed for preschool children from 3 to 7 years old. Groups are formed according to the age of the children, so that the children have similar age friends and have a great time. The weekly camp topics are aimed at the versatile development of children of this age, so that the highest emotional experience of the children is always a priority. The program is led by our kindergarten teachers, including our native English speakers. Even children who do not speak English are always with one Czech-speaking teacher, so they do not have to worry about anything they do not understand. The program runs from 07:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. Each week is divided into topics and the emphasis is on the development of team spirit and children’s collaboration. According to the current weather, children spend as much time out as possible with trips to the surroundings of the „Ďáblický“ Forest or swimm in our pool. Within the daily schedule, meals are provided for children (lunch, 2 snacks) and there is room for rest. Children who participate in our summer activities are included in the collective of our kindergarten children.

We look forward to your children in a pleasant atmosphere of our kindergarten, creative environment and friendly team.

The pricelist is valid for children not attending our kindergarten who have not signed the contract with KMŠ. Log in to our summer program by email and by submitting a registration form. Enter the required summer program in the required entry box.

01.07.2020 – 07.07.2020 Kindergarten is closed

Every year, it is necessary to prepare a kindergarten for your children for the next year and make the necessary repairs and maintenance of the building that can not be done at other times.

07.07.2020 – 10.07.2020 Hurray for the holidays!

Come on, children, the holidays is calling! :-) We will learn a lot of summer poems, songs and dances and enjoy warm weather together in the garden, playgrounds and trips. We will share our holiday experiences and what we love about summer. We will create beautiful art for a summer that we will always remember.

13.7.2020 – 17.07.2020 Pirates and sailors

Come with us on an adventurous weekly expedition for pirates and sailors. We will discover the ancient world, when pirate ships drove at sea and sailors discovered new lands. And don’t forget a pirate or navy costume, there will be a carnival. :-)

20.7.2020 – 24.07.2020 What the roads said

Who likes to travel? Of course, everyone. :-) We will look at our roads together and get acquainted with all means of transport. We will also examine what used to be in our country, how means of transport changed and improved. We will show you the rules that are important in connection with means of transport and maybe we will go on a trip by some of transport. :-)

27.7.2020 – 31.07.2020 What is in the grass and buzzing around the ears?

We will shrink for a moment and be as big as beetles so that we can observe the lives of small animals that crawl under our feet in the grass and also buzz around our ears. We look at their lives and all the species we see here. We just have to watch out for stings! :-)

03.8.2020 – 08.08.2020 Healthy body healthy mind

What can we experience and do in the summer? There is a lot! In the kindergarten we will enjoy a lot of sports activities together and we will also show you the unusual sports. We will enjoy a week full of sports and fun experiences! Of course, medals and diplomas will also be. :-)

10.08.2020 – 14.08.2020 For animals to Afrika

Have you ever been to Africa? They weren’t? Does not matter! :-) We make Africa in kindergarten. Every day we travel to distant Africa and imagine one animal that lives in this distant country. We will talk about animals and get to know this continent and its life. We will organize an animal carnival together, dance all day, play funny games and enjoy time together.

17.08.2020 – 21.08.2020 Life under water

Who would like to look underwater and how does it look there? Certainly everyone. :-) Come with us and together we will sink under the surface of rivers, lakes and seas and explore the beautiful underwater world there. Imagine a variety of small fish to dangerous sharks and large whales. We will also learn a little ecology that it is important to keep all the worlds water clean. We will organize an art competition and the participants await wonderful rewards!

24.8.2020 – 28.8.2020 A whole word of full happy children

Happy kids on the planet? We would all like that. So let’s laugh and rejoice together. We travel around the world and see how children live in different countries, their traditions, customs and holidays. Every day we imagine one continent, talk about essential things, and get to know the globe. We know where each continent lies and what it is specific about. Together we will create a great collage that we will send for joy to all the children in the world. :-)

The price for children not enrolled in our kindergarten is 2.900 CZK per week.
The price for children not enrolled in our kindergarten is 6.100 CZK per 2 weeks.
The price for children not enrolled in our kindergarten is 9.100 CZK per 3 weeks.
The price for children not enrolled in our kindergarten is 12.100 CZK per 4 weeks.
The rate applies to the program from 07:00 to 18:00. These prices are valid only for July and August.

(+ catering 110 CZK / day)



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Tuition fee

Tuition prices are listed here in monthly installments. Tuition fees can also be paid in semi-annual installments or in one annual installment. 7.00–18.00 (full-day program)