Summer camp

Letní školka - příměstský tábor pro předškolní děti
Kindergarten program for the summer 2023 – month August. Summer camps are 5 days/week and are designed for preschool children from 3 to 7 years old. Groups are formed according to the age of the children, so that the children have similar age friends and have a great time. The weekly camp topics are aimed at the versatile development of children of this age, so that the highest emotional experience of the children is always a priority. The program is led by our kindergarten teachers, including our native English speakers. Even children who do not speak English are always with one Czech-speaking teacher, so they do not have to worry about anything they do not understand. The program runs from 07:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. Each week is divided into topics and the emphasis is on the development of team spirit and children’s collaboration. According to the current weather, children spend as much time out as possible with trips to the surroundings of the „Ďáblický“ Forest or swimm in our pool. Within the daily schedule, meals are provided for children (lunch, 2 snacks) and there is time for rest. Children who participate in our summer activities are included in the collective of our kindergarten children. We look forward to your children in a pleasant atmosphere of our kindergarten, creative environment and friendly team. The pricelist is valid for children not attending our kindergarten who have not signed the contract with KMŠ. Log in to our summer program by email and by submitting a registration form. Enter the required summer program in the required entry box

01.07 – 31.07. 2023 THE KINDERGARTEN IS CLOSED

Every year, it is necessary to prepare the kindergarten for your children for the next year and perform the necessary repairs and maintenance of the building, which cannot be performed during operation. Thank you for your understanding.

05.08.2024 – 09.08.2024 JOURNEY TO THE DINOSAURS

They lived in prehistory, looking at them we may be a little scared and we will not find a single representative of this kind on Earth. Who we are talking about? Yes, it’s about dinosaurs. Through this topic, we will try to satisfy children’s desire for information from ancient and mysterious times, from a time that allows them to dream and fantasize. We will gradually try the work of a paleontologist who discovers the hidden skeletons of prehistoric animals, we will get acquainted with the basic concepts that occur in the topic, we will make castings of extinct animals and there will also be a trip to the “jungle”.

12.08.2024 – 16.08.2024 WEEK ON THE MOVE

In the purely sporting spirit, the scond week of August will be called “on the move”, where we will playfully get acquainted with traditional and lesser-known sports, try out various exercises, exercise equipment, various places inside the kindergarten and in nature and there will be dancing and entertainment. An integral part will also be movement games and competitions, the main goal of which will be to strengthen ties in the group, lead to teamwork, be able to accept defeat, but also enjoy a sweet victory.

19.08.2024 – 23.08.2024 NATIVE AMERICANS

This week, the mysterious and beautiful traditions of Native Americans are coming to the kindergarten. The children will playfully get acquainted with the lifestyle, customs, and culture of Native Americans through crafts such as building a tipi, the traditional living quarters of the natives, and face painting to imitate tribal paint. The gentle rhythm and powerful music of the Native Americans will echo through the halls of the kindergarten when children engage in the pounding of drums and traditional dances. By the end of this week, children will come to develop an appreciation for different cultures, which will prepare them for a diverse and dynamic world.

26.08. – 28.08. 2024 PIRATE TRIP

Once upon a time, a ship feared by seafarers feared by all sailors in the Caribbean. The ship had a black flag on her mainmast with a skull and crossbones, and thanks to six black sails, she was the fastest ship by far. Name of the ship was Black Pearl! However, during its heyday, the Black Pearl disappeared from the entire crew, as it had sunk into the ground, and it is said that pirates are still looking for a hidden treasure of gold. At the beginning of the week, we will discover a long-forgotten map of the five islands, with which the real adventure can finally begin. Lots of tasks, activities, creations and trips await us. And who knows, maybe at the end of it all, we’ll find a lost pirate treasure.


The price for children not enrolled in our kindergarten is   4.500 CZK per 1 week.
The price for children not enrolled in our kindergarten is   8.500 CZK per 2 weeks.
The price for children not enrolled in our kindergarten is 11.800 CZK per 3 weeks.
The price for children not enrolled in our kindergarten is 14.900 CZK per 4 weeks.
The price for children not enrolled in our kindergarten is 2.900 CZK for last week (3 days).
The rate applies to the program from 07:00 to 18:00. 

These prices are valid only for August for unregistered children in the KMŠ.

(+ catering 130 CZK / day)