School uniforms

Wearing school uniforms is mandatory in our Royal kindergarten only for children in the Blue Crowns class – Pre-schoolers. 
Children feel that they are part of the kindergarten team and therefore behave as teamwise. They create pride in the collective to which they belong. The reasons are also aesthetic – children look good in their uniforms and learn a certain culture of dressing.  Practical – we get to know each other more easily during the school trips and events. Finally, this is how we try to do maximum and prevent possible discrimination – instead of catching up with fashion trends, children concentrate on learning.

Worldwide, wearing school uniforms is a common mandatory standard.



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Tuition fee

Tuition fees are paid in monthly installments: 07.00–18.00 (full-day program)     5 times a week  15 900 CZK     Catering 130 CZK per day: