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School uniforms

Školní uniformy - School uniforms

Wearing school uniforms is mandatory in our Royal kindergarten only for children in the Blue Crowns class – Pre-schoolers. Children feel that they are part of the kindergarten team and therefore behave as teamwise. They create pride in the collective to which they belong. The reasons are also aesthetic – children look good in their uniforms and […]

FAQ about the return of children to school 4/12/2021

Based on information from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT), we would like to give you answers to some important questions you are asking us. These questions and answers are processed according to the information provided to us at present and therefore reflect the current conditions set for us by the Ministry. Who […]


Královské mateřské škola kontakty - Royal kindergarten contacts

School adress Královská mateřská škola a základní škola, s.r.o.(Royal kindergarten and primary school Ltd.)Rajmonova 4/1199182 00, Praha 8 – Kobylisy VAT number (IČO): 241 36 786RED_IZO: 691003955IZO: 181034417Data box ID: yjh4hepBank account: Raiffeisen bank č.ú. 1119911199/5500 School management School director Michaela Blažková Phone: +420 775 299 999E-mail: To register your child, write to: […]

About kindergarten

Úvodní obrázek Královská mateřská škola Praha Kobilisy

Enrollment in kindergarten Royal kindergarten is a private kindergarten with extended foreign language teaching focused on the English language. It is located in Prague 8 – Kobylisy, close to Ládví metro station and natural forest park Ďáblický Háj. One of the big advantage of our private kindergarten is its excellent accessibility. Kindergarten directly adjoins the […]

Tuition fee

Školné v Královské mateřské škole - Royal kindergarten tuition fee

Tuition fees are paid in monthly installments: 07.00–18.00 (full-day program) 5 times a week  15 900 CZK Catering 130 CZK per day: 2× snack, lunch, beverages, fruits/vegetables, third optional snack at 4:30 p.m. for CZK 30 per day   07.00–15.00 (full-day program) 5 times a week   14 900 CZK Catering 130 CZK per day: 2× snack, lunch, […]

Things your children needs to have in kindergarten

Co potřebují dítě do mateřské školy

Extra clothes for playing in the garden Spare underwear and clothes Textile bag on hanger In bad weather conditions: raincoat, wellies (suitable footwear) Indoor shoes-slippers (no crocs and no soft slipers – safety reasons) Children who sleep in the afternoon: pyjamas + pull-up nappies for sleeping Paper tissues and other things depending on the agreement with […]

Cooperation with parents

Parents´ involvement is the key to the education of children in our kindergarten. All parents receive a report (by post or electronically) regarding their child´s progress each half-year. When visiting the kindergarten, parents are free to view/collect their children´s work. In addition, meetings are also held with parents and joint events and trips are organized. […]

Education plan

Královská mateřská škola vzdělávací plán

Dear parents, the complete school education plan is ready for you to view after logging in to our “Parent section“, you can find it in the Information for parents section.


Stravování a pitný režim v Královské mateřské škole -Royal kindergarten catering

All catering is taken care of by our supplier BioNea, a provider who guarantees quality and balanced nutrition throughout the day. All food is fresh (pepared and delivered on the day) and is designed specifically for preschool children and in compliance with all health and hygiene standards. The menu is varied, balanced and nutritious. We […]

Downloadable documents

Soubory ke stažení

Documents necessary for registration to Royal kindergarten School rules Application for non-binding registration Evidence sheet of child Affidavit of non-infectivity of child Applications for clubs Application for the fine arts and ceramics course Application for English course Application for music – drama course Application for sports games and gymnastic Application for logopedic prevention Application for […]